2020 trends in yachts for sale

Superyacy Predictions - 2020

The year 2019 has been an exciting one in the yachting industry with an increasing number of extravagant designs and innovative technology trends coming to the fore, creating some exciting superyacht predictions for 2020.

From stunning onboard spas, to eco-green technology, must-have beach clubs, and the rise of explorer yachts, shipbuilders are coming up with ever lavish yacht designs, amenities, and technologies to satiate the demands of yacht owners.

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Blaze that destroyed two superyachts is most expensive fire loss in Fort Lauderdale history, officials say


Fire continued to smolder onboard two mega-yachts in a Fort Lauderdale marina on Sunday as a crane operator worked feverishly to remove the scaffolding blocking firefighters from boarding the vessels.

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Yacht BROADWATER for sale with Worth Avenue Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Yacht BROADWATER - Worth Avenue Yachts

Worth Avenue Yachts is excited to showcase BROADWATER at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. This exceptional 50-metre pedigree yacht has just returned from the Caribbean and is now exclusively for sale with Worth Avenue Yachts.

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A New Banking Solution for Seafarers

Euro Pacific Bank

Moving to a new country and starting a new job can be one of the most nerve-racking times in your life. Between finding accommodation, getting familiar with your surroundings and the culture, dealing with potential language barriers, and settling into your new job, you must ensure continuous and reliable access to your money.

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ADNEC Marina: A Premier Destination for Marine Events

ADNEC Marina

Abu Dhabi has long been recognised for its rich marine heritage that dates back several centuries. Well before oil was discovered, fishing and pearl diving were the mainstays of the economy in the emirate that boasts a stunning 400-kilometre-longazure coastline and encompasses more than 200 verdant islands. Despite the unprecedented economic prosperity ushered in by the discovery of oil, the emirate’s leadership has remained steadfast in its commitment to the preservation of its marine heritage for the benefit of future generations.

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